Quick Thought – Sudden Insight
Oct 7th, 2009 by Karen

Don’t you just love it when a quick thought passes through your mind, and it brings sudden clarity to everything you are facing that day?

It always makes me grateful that God put us together this way… where the thoughts that “come” to us can change our course, give us peace, direction, counsel, comfort……in fact, all that we need !

Wherever you are today, I pray that you find that the Lord God Almighty is ordering your steps and your thoughts. May you know His great peace that passes your understanding.

May He give you “new eyes” to see the same old problems. May you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

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My First Memory
Oct 1st, 2009 by Karen

We are all holding hands and skipping around in a circle. There are lots of us, and we are little.  We are laughing and singing about THE KING. The whole place is just full of singing and dancing and laughing!

I came to love the King and His Kingdom right then and there!

I have never lost that first impression about Jesus and His family—my biggest longing in the world is to feel that way every single day of my life, and the next longing is to make sure that  the folks I love and the people in my world see and know what I found that day.

That seems simple enough, doesn’t it? It isn’t. When we” grow” up (whatever that means) we move on to make things more complicated.

Do you remember when you first met The King? I would love to hear about it.

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Sep 12th, 2009 by Karen

Every single person

in the whole, wide world

possesses a quality,

a viewpoint, a gift,

a talent, an opportunity, or

SOMETHING that makes that person a” ONE-OF-A-KIND.”

Believe that! Today may not be the day for what you have (or what you basically “are”) to be on display… or maybe even noticed .

Be patient.

Consider the expression, “an idea whose time has come.” Ideas come from people who have been thinking those wonderful and sparkly revelations in the dark. Suddenly, they are in the spotlight! (Or, their idea makes all the difference…some folks do not like the spotlight…)

But we all want to make a difference. In the meantime, celebrate with those “whose time has come.” We will want someone to celebrate when our day arrives!

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A Steady Diet of Bad News
Sep 7th, 2009 by Karen

A steady diet of bad news, fearful reports and loud arguments is not good for the body, soul, or spirit….. 

                                       Always knew that,

                                            Made up my own world,

                                               Managed to get a lot of other people to live there with me,       

                                                  Regret doing that. Please forgive me if you are one.

                              Then Psalms 51:6 hit me over the head one day,

” Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom.”

                              I asked Father God to help me see the truth about my life.

                              He is doing that….

                              It is a process…

                              I am responsible for my own choices, my thoughts, my actions, everything. Thank God for the mercy He has shown to me!

                              I see now that everything will come to the light, sooner or later. All hidden agendas will be revealed sooner or later. Sooner is better for me. One of my grandchildren reminds me of myself: “Am I in trouble? If so, let’s just get it over with, so we can go back to having fun.” In my mind, that is a great attitude to have.

                              Changes have come, and I am fuller of joy than ever. I do not have to fix anything. I just have to “rest” in the finished work of the Cross.

                              Sometimes, I forget.

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Nice Little Ditty
Sep 4th, 2009 by Karen

It is not like me to want to write a ”nice little ditty”— which I have always called any teaching that did not challenge, encourage, or actually increase my insight. However, the season we are presently encountering challenges that thinking; and I am more eager to both write and hear something more light-hearted. I think we are tired of the yelling matches, the fearful reports, and too little money .  We need a break from the heaviness of this season we are in.  So, I change my mind: A NICE LITTLE DITTY IS JUST WHAT I NEED!!

I almost bought a book entitled ”The World’s Best Knock-Knock Jokes” today, but I opened the book and read a few. The title lied. I have already heard many of the world’s best knock-knock jokes, and I would recognize one of them anywhere. (I have three very funny sons.)They are all grown and living lives of their own, but they could make me laugh during any season, no matter how long or how dark.

If you have children still living at home, please laugh a lot during these trying times– hug them and tell you that you love them a little more than usual. Even if you are light-hearted and full of faith, they are sensitive to the climate in our communities, schools, and other folks they know. I really was impressed with “The Five little Peppers and How They Grew,” a book about hard times and all the challenges the family faced together. It is very old, but it is timely. Oh, well, that is all the “nice little ditty “ I am good for today… sweet dreams, everyone.

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Sep 4th, 2009 by Karen

karenisjoyfulWelcome to my first time at putting my thoughts into my own official blog.  It is very scary to me.  So naturally I started thinking about WORDS. What is so scary about words? Just exactly what is a word”?                                        

I am sure there are many definitions in my dictionary. Today, I am thinking about a word as a container. One word alone can contain (or hold) a thought,   an emotion, a memory, and, I suppose, an endless list of other “things” that need to be expressed.

Words are powerful.  Wars have been won by them. Marriages have begun with them. Friendships have been cemented together by words. Grave misunderstandings have been the result of written or spoken words. So words must be very important. Better said, they CAN be very important.

They are also plentiful. One of my favorite authors does not seem to waste one word in his writing. He challenges me every time I read one of his books or articles. He has said that he hires people to criticize his writing.  It is working. He has labored at developing his craft. And I want to write like him right now, today, without all that sweat and all those tears.  

Words are not just letters in the alphabet all strung together. They can move us to action and inspire us to greater accomplishments. They can cause us to laugh and to cry. I guess you know by now that I admire everything connected to words. (I won’t go even into the Word Made Flesh and all that rich revelation. Not today. But I must say this: His Word is the only living group of Words that exists.  His Words hold meaning for all time, all people, and have the most power to create life than any other group of words in the universe.)

What is that famous quote about reaching people in any manner, by any means, possible?  And the punch line is, “If necessary, use words.”

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